Tobacco and your health

  • If we start smoking as adolescents, we already get hooked with the very first cigarette. Why? Anti-smoking campaigns accuse the cigarette manufacturers of using additives to make smokers even more addicted to nicotine. So how can you break away from this tobacco obsession? Using our stunning new “Soft Laser” programme, TABAC Stop Center is committed to weaning you off tobacco.
  • There is one control centre at the base of our brain, known as the hypothalamus, which is solely responsible for our addictions and acts as a genuine memoriser of our desires. Its capacities to record information allow it to rapidly determine those of our habits that are associated with well-being.
  • Addiction results from the fact that, when we smoke, the nicotine passes into the bloodstream and causes the endorphin rate to increase. Endorphin (the “feel-good” hormone) is a natural substance secreted by the hypothalamus.
  • When we smoke, the endorphin rate in the body rises to a high level. But less than one hour after that cigarette has been finished, the rate goes down again!
  • In smokers, the natural endorphin-producing process is virtually suppressed, as the nicotine carries out the work of the endorphins.