Mr M.D. from Geneva. After 1 month.

I’m very happy with your method. I haven’t touched a cigarette for a month now…I’m breathing much better and appreciate the fact that I’m able to experience new smells and new tastes again. Thank you.

Mr S.C. from Geneva. After 6 months.

Everything’s going fine. I’ve arrived at the 2nd stage. More than six months without smoking. Great! It really is possible. I’m proud of myself.

Mr M.B. from Geneva. After 4 months.

I feel really good. It’s a real miracle for me (and for my wife as well!). It’s quite simply fantastic… Three months later, I really feel free of any pressure. Fabulous! It’s really brilliant. Your programme is really spot on.

Mr C.B from Conthey. After 1 month.

1 month . . I was pleasantly surprised just how easy it is to stop smoking using your method. When I see a cigarette or smell smoke, I have no urge to smoke whatsoever. It even disturbs me. I now feel very calm and relaxed, and my breathing is gradually coming back.

Miss F.M. from Geneva. After 1 year.

My skin has completely changed; it has much more of a shine to it and is very soft. My blotches have disappeared. I’m less tired and wake up easily in the morning. I’m rediscovering the flavours of foods and smells that I’d forgotten. In short, a whole load of good things. I don’t regret taking this decision; I should have taken it long ago. Your method suited me perfectly in the areas where other methods had failed

Miss N.F. from Geneva. After 1 month.

After nearly 20 years of slavery, I’ve found freedom at last! Life without cigarettes is really fantastic… Thanks to you and the Soft Laser method, it wasn’t really so difficult to give up smoking after all. Thanks again!

Mr A.V. from Geneva. After 4 months.

Everything is fine – just a few “flashes”. But fewer and fewer.

Mr D.M. from Geneva. After 4 months.

I’ve managed to forget all about you – just as I have with tobacco. Thank you very much.

Mr M.B. from Geneva. After 1 year.

I feel so good that I forgot to note the anniversary of 5.30 pm on 20 April 2000, the time and date on which I totally gave up smoking – and without any problem. So it’s now one year and 17 days since you succeeded in getting me to kick the habit. I even forget that I smoked for 35 years. I really have the feeling that I never smoked, but in fact I was being betrayed for 35 years. Now my goal is to forget smoking, and I mean forget it for good. A big, big thank you for your system. It really worked, and with no complications.

Mr M. B. from La Tour de Peilz. After 4 months.

Nothing to report! It’s easy!!!

Mrs A. G. from Geneva. After 1 month.

The programme is very good and you take it very seriously. When I asked for help – “an additional session” – you didn’t hesitate. I have to thank you for that, because it helped me a lot. I no longer smoke. At the moment it’s difficult to know what I’m getting out of it because I didn’t decide to give up for my own benefit. But I’m quite proud of myself and I really do think that this programme is a serious one.

Mr M. R. from Geneva. After 4 months.

What a wonderful transformation. Thank you.

Mrs E. B. from Geneva After 4 months.

I feel very good and my voice has become clearer. I’m happy that I’m no longer addicted. And the most remarkable thing is that I hardly even think about it any more.

Mr S. A. from Neuchâtel. After 4 months.

INCREDIBLE!! That’s the only word I can use to describe this system! After smoking more than two packets every day for 20 years, I now have ABSOLUTELY NO desire to smoke again. I can now breathe properly again and the coughing has stopped . . . AND THE MONEY I’VE SAVED AS WELL! Even when I’m surrounded by a lot of smokers, I have no urge to light up. Thanks again.

Mr H. A. After 1 month.

So far, everything’s been going fine. I’ve virtually forgotten to think about cigarettes! That’s what I find the most amazing thing. After that, everything gets easy. Thank you for your very valuable help. I feel very good and extremely happy.

Mr W.M. from Yverdon After 4 months.

My lung volume’s improved, so I’m breathing much better.

Mr. N.A. from Thoiry. After 1 month.

I feel really good. I no longer feel the urge to smoke. I’m not at all bothered when other people smoke around me. I’ve started to live again.

Mr N.S. from Crans. After 1 month.

Everything’s going fine. I’m very happy.

Mr S.S from Ferney-Voltaire. After 1 month.

Even though I do sometimes feel the urge to smoke, I only need a few seconds to forget all about it. I haven’t touched any cigarettes – and that’s after getting through 1 to 2 packets every day!!! After going through such hell (coughing, uncontrollable urges, bothering my friends and my colleagues at work . . .), I have now found “LIFE” again and can shout about it with a good pair of lungs. And, above all, I have the satisfaction of my victory over the “hydra” that tobacco is. I think I’m already at that stage where I can claim victory. I encourage anyone who’s willing to give it a try; this product is really worth endorsing. Thanks again.

Mr M.Y-A from Geneva. After 4 months.

I haven’t smoked again since 21 November 2001, and I feel very good. Thank you very much.

Mr V.J-P from Geneva. After 1 month.

Everything’s going really well. Thank you very much for your help. All the best to you.

Mrs D.C. from Geneva. After 1 month.

Even though it’s sometimes a bit difficult to resist, I no longer have the urge to smoke and I really feel liberated. In any event, I’m very happy that I took the initiative to stop, and I have no regrets.

Mr B.A. from Geneva. After 1 month.

It’s really nice not to smell the odour of tobacco on clothes or in the car any more. It’s true that smoking does absolutely nothing for you. The laser treatment certainly does help you to get started with giving up…

Mr and Mrs S. from Manchester. After 2 weeks.

Bonjour. It is two weeks since we handed over our cigarettes to you. We feel relaxed and free since we had your laser treatment. We thought you would like to know how we are getting on. Yours sincerely.

Mrs M.M. from Geneva. After 1 month.

Brilliant! Fantastic! I’ve gone one month without cigarettes. I feel very happy, I don’t cough any more, I get up in the morning without that smoker’s hangover, etc…. I really do feel happy. All the best to you

Mrs R. A. from Geneva. After 1 month.

1st stage: my sense of smell is returning. It’s fantastic. I’m at the 2nd stage, and the most difficult thing is having to put up with others smoking!!! And especially the smell. When you don’t smoke any more, you realise that there are a lot of smokers. Despite everything, getting rid of this dependence on smoking is well worth the effort.

Miss D. V. from Geneva. After 1 month.

One month without tobacco and I’ve got my energy back. It’s like a blue sky in the mountains after the fog has cleared. I’ve also lost weight after regaining this vitality. I feel perfectly healthy. But I’m also proud that I’ve been able to take this step that’s brought so much happiness to me, but without any frustration. Thank you again for the help you’ve given me.

Mr H. J-P. from Grandvaux. After 1 month.

Everything’s going well so far – despite a few “flashes”. I feel well and am quite proud of myself. I’ve amazed a few people already.

Mr R.A . from Geneva. After 1 month.

So far, I’ve been very satisfied with your Soft Laser Quit-Smoking programme.

Miss F.R from Geneva. After 1 month.

Thank you. I feel so much better. I can wake up in the morning again easily. My energy has come back. What a real delight for me! I haven’t even put on weight and have even lost 1.5 kg. It’s a miracle! Best regards.

Mr. H.E. from Geneva. After 1 month.

Things are going really well. It’s amazing just how easy it is to rid yourself of this drug.

Mr B.P. from Plan-les-Ouates. After 11 months.

Everything’s going fine. I just forgot that it was nearly a year ago! That’s why it’s taken me so long to send this to you. It’s now become a habit not to smoke any more!

Mrs S. I. from Petit Lancy. After 1 month.

I feel remarkably well! I’m a lot less stressed! I’m now rediscovering smells and tastes! But I don’t feel that I’m putting on any weight! I feel good about myself! I’m starting to notice that it was smoking a cigarette that put me under stress, whereas I was always convinced that the contrary was the case! And I don’t feel as though I’m being punished at all . . . THANK YOU!!!

Mr C.A. from Geneva. After 1 month.

Hardly tempted to smoke at all. Everything’s going well. DEFINITELY TO BE RECOMMENDED