TABAC Stop Center is a registered company in the city of Geneva, whose aim is to protect your health and the health of those close to you by helping you to give up smoking in just one hour using a simple, natural and efficient method. TABAC STOP Center is located in Chêne-Bougeries, 10 minutes from the centre of Geneva, where Jean Louis Coudurier is available to advise you six days a week from 8.00 am until 7.00 pm.

Within just one hour and with a year’s free follow-up, the TABAC Stop Center method enables you to give up tobacco consumption without stress and without weight gain, thereby allowing you to give your body and your health that feeling of well-being that you deserve. 

The TABAC Stop Center method comes with a written guarantee and one year’s follow-up, free of charge.

To find out what type of smoker you are, do an online test by clicking on “What type of smoker are you ?” and click on the other headings on our site!



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